X-Wing Regional Championship

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Format: Regional Event 100 points, 6 obstacles
Structure: Swiss Rounds, Top Cut
Entry Fee: £15
Date: Saturday 24th February
Start Time: 09:30 am.

This is it. The next step on the ladder that could take you all the way to the World Championships of


X-Wing is one of the biggest miniatures games in the world and so we are honored to be holding a Regional Championship.

We will be adhering to the tournament regulations and fundamental event document. Please make sure you are up to date on the rules of X-Wing, tournament regulations and the FAQ.

FAQ: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/9c/43/9c431efd-be63-48de-8b00-0e2035b42167/x-wing_faq_v440_high_res.pdf

X-Wing Tournament Regulations: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/e7/c4/e7c4f7e7-d439-4b7d-8732-b68316468167/x-wing_tournament_regulations_v22.pdf

The format for this event will be a standard 100 points and 6 obstacles tournament. Comprising of 75-minute swiss rounds, and a top cut.

We are expecting to stream this tournament, if you do not wish to be on stream then you may request not to be included by informing the TO on the day. However, if you are in the finals you should expect your match to be streamed.

Commentary Team: Elliot Baker & Stephen Sage.
We are looking for a volunteer to join us for the tournament. If you want to be the third member of the commentary team contact us at elliot@athenagames.co.uk.

Round Times and Approximate Schedule

Round times and top cut will be determined by the number of entrants we have for this event. Please consider this is an approximate schedule in which we have allowed 15 minutes between swiss rounds for pairings. If rounds finish earlier, then we will start the next round earlier.

9 - 12: 4 Rounds, Top 4 cut
13 - 24: 4 Rounds, Top 8 cut
25 - 40: 5 Rounds, Top 8 cut
41 - 66: 6 Rounds, Top 8 cut

Estimated Schedule
09:00 - Doors and Registration Open
09:25 - Registration closes, player briefing
09:30 - Round 1
11:00 - Round 2
12:30 - Round 3
13:45 - Lunch
14:15 - Round 4
15:45 - Round 5
17:15 - Round 6
18:30 - Prizes except for top cut
18:45 - Quarter Finals
20:05 - Semi-Finals
21:25 - Finals
23:25 - Final Prizes distributed
23:20 - Store closes

List submission

Lists MUST be submitted via e-mail by Thursday 22nd February 23:59. You can e-mail your lists to elliot@athenagames.co.uk. Alternatively, you can hand in your list on paper before this date, just be sure to inform staff. We would also appreciate it if you could let us know if you have or do not have a store championship bye card, see the reason below.

We also advise players to come with a copy of their list to show to their opponent.

We would appreciate it if people who send us their lists via email could do it using the following squad builder: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/build

Store Championship Bye Cards
Whether or not you have a store championship bye card, please let us know as soon as possible. Normally we can hold 76 X-Wing players but we have limited the capacity to 66.

This is because every bye card adds 0.5 to the player total so if we did sell 76 tickets and people came with bye cards we would have to do an extra round than we had planned.

If we know how many bye card users are coming we can adjust the numbers appropriately to make sure we can get as many X-Wing players the chance to attend our regionals as possible.

-Top 64 – An alternate art Zuckuss promo card.
-Top 16 – A set of 5 acrylic stress tokens.
-Top 8 – 4 attack dice and 4 defence dice.
-Top 4 – Acrylic Maneuver templates.
-First Place – A trophy that commemorates your victory and a first-round bye card that is valid at an X-Wing National Championship!

If you are new to X-Wing or want to get in a few practice games at Athena, you can regularly find players at our Wednesday Flight Nights, starting at 6:00 pm. Alternatively, you can join our X-Wing @ Athena Games Facebook page and ask to meet up with fellow players for a game.
Travel, Parking, and Accommodation

Athena Games can be found at 9 St. Gregory's Alley, NR2 1ER.

The store is located in Norwich's city centre and is 15 minutes away from the train station on foot. Norwich's train station offers lines between Norwich, and major cities such as London, Liverpool, Peterborough and Cambridge.

If you are travelling by car, St. Andrews Car Park, and St. Giles Multi-Storey Car Park are only 5 minutes away by foot and offer very competitive prices. You can find more information on those two car parks here:

St. Andrews Car Park:https://www.norwich.gov.uk/directory_record/849/st_andrews_multi-storey_car_park_nr3_3at

St. Giles Multi-Storey Car Park: https://www.norwich.gov.uk/directory_record/850/st_giles_multi-storey_car_park_nr2_1jl

Looking to stay the night? There is a Premier Inn just 5 minutes away from Duke Street.

Food & Drink

Athena Games offer snacks and drinks in our store at a reasonable price. However, if you are looking to get something more substantial to eat, you are in luck as we are in a prime area of Norwich that plays hosts to many cafés, restaurants, and even pubs. Not only that, we have the best Fish & Chip shop in all of Norfolk on our very doorstep, Grosvenor Fish Bar.

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9 St Gregory's Alley, NR2 1ER
24 February , Saturday 09:30

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