Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level I Attunement

2 Day Course 10am to 4pm each day
Reiki Certificate and Lineage given

The word 'Reiki' means universal life energy. The first syllable 'Rei' describes the boundless aspect of this energy, while 'Ki' is the vital life force that flows through all living beings.

Reiki is a hands-on healing technique,

based on a particular attunement process, which all practitioners must go through.
Reiki creates an open channel for cosmic energy to flow through the Reiki healer to the other person. Reiki breaks through blocks, and lets the universal energy of life flow again to stimulate the healing from the inside.

Reiki attunement at Level I opens you to become a channel for 'Ki', 'Chi' or positive cosmic energy. It opens the channel to heal you first at this level.

This is the first level of attunement in this healing technique.
Candidates will be provided with a Certificate and a Reiki Lineage on completion of the course

Be aware that attunement to Reiki can bring great changes in your life.

Booking must be done with Phoenix Wings Crystals by visiting our shop at 109 Cornwall Street, Plymouth, PL1 1PA, or by telephoning the shop on 01752 941265

Please be aware that we must have time to prepare course notes and other resources for this course. Please book as soon as you can as places are limited and, if you try to book in last minute, sadly we will have to turn you away!

Cost £80.00 £25 Deposit £55 payable on weekend

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Phoenix Wings Crystals, 109 Cornwall Street, PL1 1PA
10 November , Saturday 10:00

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