The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Berkhamsted Theatre Company present one of the twentieth century’s landmark plays.

Arthur Miller’s 'The Crucible' stands as both a historical record and a timely parable of contemporary society.

In the small New England town of Salem, Massachussets, a game has terrifying consequences as allegations

of witchcraft break out. Caught up in an unstoppable flow of paranoia, accusation and manipulation, the community is consumed by a climate of suspicion where no one is safe from their neighbour. As lust, mistrust and personal grievances collide, culminating in a chilling climax, The Crucible is an unsettling reminder of the frailty of reason in the face of hysteria and asks the question ‘How innocent can we really be as we stand by and watch a witch-hunt unfold?’

In this post-truth era of Trump, fake news, a resurgence of white supremacist culture and religious fundamentalism, as well as recent news stories of sexual abuse, Miller’s allegory continues to reflect the machinations of society and political culture and is as relevant today as it was 65 years ago.

The Crucible runs 7th–10th March 2018 with performances at 7.30pm

Tickets are now on sale priced at £15 and are available online from or via the Court Theatre box office on 07543 560478

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c/o Archway House, 105a High Street, HP4 2DG
07 March , Wednesday 19:30

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