Sophie at Sanc

S.O.P.H.I.E at Sanctuary!

£5 advanced tickets, £6 otd.
All proceeds go to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation



BUT FOR NOW, Here's a taster of what's to come!

Ritual King

Riffs & Groove!

"Hell, yeah, man! This is the shit! Last week, Manchester's

RITUAL KING released their incredible debut, 'Elixir' (2016) and, frankly, I'm not sure how it slipped past me until now. The guitar playing is vibrant, reminding me a lot of Portland's Danava. The vocals are up-tempo classic rock. This is definitely a fun listen and one that will definitely get your ass out of bed after a bender." Billy Goat - Doomed & Stoned.

"A rock band, built like they used to make them. Recalling bands like Cream, Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain. The trio bring that authentic seventies bluesy hard rock sound that sounds oh so good to the brain. Obviously the whole retro music scene is getting pretty crowded these days, and not all of these new bands are worth any attention. Ritual King, though, is worth your undivided attention.
- Highly Recommended. Tony -The Dedicated Rocker Society)

Influenced by all music, inspired by 70's Rock, Folk, Blues and Grunge.

Grand Elder

Vocals - Amadeus
Guitar - Jim Ritchie
Guitar - Callum Hartley
Drums - Ben Adcroft
Bass - Army (James Armitage)

Grand Elder are a band that seamlessly combine hard hitting and intricate riffs with the melodic ties of stoner grooves. Akin to the infamous ‘Mastodon’, their powerful vocal lines and brilliantly crafted instrumentation makes them a sight to behold. Prepare yourselves for moshes and melodic madness in their wake.

Broadfield Specialist School

Broadfield band are from a specialist school in Oswaldtwistle.
They were formed around seven years ago. The band is ever evolving and showcases the talent they have in school. With all the students having special needs the band provides each student with the chance to express themselves.
Music enables everyone to find their voice

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Cow Lane, BB11 1NN
17 February , Saturday 14:00

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