Rumpus: Fools, Ghouls & Jewels


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☆☆12:00 noon Wednesday 21st Feb☆☆

In association with London Games Festival, for one night, across seven rooms and 8 bewitching hours, the fantastical freakery that is Rumpus revels and roisters.

Be afraid, be

very very afraid, for SeaSylph Games returns with an immersive live game stretching throughout the entire venue featuring YOU versus YOU! Will you join the Fools, are you a Ghoul, or are you a…. bloody hell, is that a Dragon?!

With a night of quests, plots, schemes, and hoarding you must decide whom to follow. Will you help the Lord of Misrule flummox the Cannibal Queen of the Ghouls? Or will you take her side instead? Or maybe your tastes are more sparkly, and... Scaly. Whosever side you choose, dress according to the team you follow: Fools, Ghouls or Jewels!

Jesters, and jokers, flesh-eating monsters and sparkly-gemmed vajazzlers all, will be dancing up a storm of glorious proportions with those riotous Creatures, Buffo’s Wake, Ushti Baba and Clan Dextine up in the Main Room.

Giving it to you hard and fast down on the ground floor are Forest of Fools and Lead Shot Hazard.

The Balkan Roast returns bursting with bands and bards from around the world. DJs deliver drop-dead divine beats, acrobats perform fantastic feats and feints of Circus and roving artists roam.

(By the way, did you know Rumpus does Mumpus? That’s free Mum Tickets! Yup, a free ticket for your Mum! If you want to show your Mum* what it is you do on a Friday night, she can get in for free!)
*Dads count too.

Dress Code Suggestions

Dancing Dunces, Scintillating Sapphires, Jaded jesters, Eclectic Emeralds, Vapid Village Idiots, Cute Cannibals, Jocular Jokers, Didactic Diamente Diadems, Gorgeous Ghouls, Raffish Rascally Rubies, Fluffy Fools,


★★Main Room★★

☆Buffo's Wake☆
A twelve-legged beast hatched in the murky backwater of Brighton, UK. Armed with accordions, violins and a bucket full of gusto they waltz, tango, mosh and kolo their way into our hearts.

☆Ushti Baba☆
Riotous Gypsy-Folk with hypnotic trans-European melodies and Jungle rhythms.

☆Clan Dextine☆
Takes his audience on a journey through bass and time namely from swing to ska, blues to balkan, roots to rave and beyond.

He likes to throw some globalized whomp and glitched-up goodness into the mix and has always got his swangin' D'n'B up the sleeves for when the moment is right.

☆Paradise Moist☆
Living it up large and lively.

★★ Room 2 - Megabeat Monster Takeover by Tremor Sound★★

✩Father Funk✩
Undoubtedly the Father of 21st century bass driven funk. He has created such a recognisable brand, whether it's his head banging energy, his unique party driven sound or his incredible moustache you know when the Father is behind the decks!

✩Rogue One b2b Stitch✩
✩Rogue One✩
Rogue one has been making waves in the drum and bass scene recently and has certainly made a name for himself across the country.

Some of the heaviest and filthy tracks are laid down by the one they call Stitch. He'll drop the bass so hard you'll probably need stitches after he's finished with you.

✩Tuxedo Junction✩
Swing... Shaken, not stirred. This cheeky duo are the crazy cocktail you get when you take jazz and inject it with an overly generous helping of bass.

✩Bear Twists feat Twitchee & Trafic MC✩
Bristol's answer to Too Many T's. Cheeky and energetic hip hop with intelligent fun lyrics and a level of production that will have you hooked from the start!

✩Aaron K✩
A Hot Cakes favourite, his style of breaks will have your booty shaking all night long!

✩Tremor Allstars✩
It wouldn't be a Tremor takeover without the Allstars making an appearance. They'll give any headline DJ a run for their money taking you on the most joyous of journeys through almost every realm in the world of bass.


✩Trafic MC✩
One of the hottest up and coming MCs of 2018. He's hosted for the likes of Calyx & Teebee and Noisia so if you're not skankin' please continue walkin'!

If you're a seagull lover then step aside as he'll wibbidy all over your wotsit! A true killer on the mic and one of the most entertaining free-stylers Bristol has to offer.

✩Emcee Ellis D✩
Bring your extinguishers, this host is absolute fire on mic duties.

★★Room 3★★
✩ forest of fools✩
Daring to step outside of the established traditions of folk music and pioneering a sound that can only be described as “Jump-up Folk“.

✩ Lead Shot Hazard✩
A coming together of third wave kids – fast-paced, horn-driven ska/punk whose aim in life to make audiences bounce, and then hum our songs on the way home. Imagine if Capdown had a baby with Streetlight Manifesto – Lead Shot Hazard makes that a reality.

✩DJ Jamie Moon✩
Keeping your hips and lips twitching, the best dressed DJ in town!

✩DJ Bop Gun✩
Funk to the maximum groove.

✩NeoPink: NeoDroid✩
A performance DJ experience with live Djembe drumming over a pulsating African rhythm infused electronic dancescape. There may be DROiDs.

★★Room 4 - Balkan Roast Room★★

✩Blues Mammoth✩
In the 1960s young minds met over a passion for the blues. In 2018 it’s happened again. Dance to music that’s a whole soul deep.

✩Unknown Era✩
Music for Misfits, the forgotten, the misunderstood. High energy music to dance and rebel to. We believe in freedom of expression.

Winner of “the band most likely to withstand high winds” heat your feet with high-energy samba.

✩Jorge's Hot Club✩
Smokin’ hot gypsy jazz!

✩Balkan Beat Bar✩
What it says on the tin. All of the Balkan. All of the beats. No compromise.

★★Room 5 - Courtyard★★

✩DJ The Alchemist✩
Returns with his charismatic cohorts to weave his magical musical spell and keep your toes tapping in our indoor outdoor space.

★★Room 6 - Wonderland Cafe★★

Succour and sustenance from those magical and charitable Wonderland Creatures.

★★Room 7 - CineRave★★

✩VJ Harper✩
Creates the beats to move your feets and visuals to surprise your eyes.

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7 Torrens Street, EC1V 1NQ
06 April , Friday 22:00

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