Roughneck Riot / Alcohol Licks / DeadbeaT

Made up that we've got this line up for the first Red n Black night of 2018....

Five quid on the door (2:50 under 18s)...
Early start... Doors from 8pm

ROUGHNECK RIOT - By no means a traditional folk-punk band, Roughneck Riot have been making their mark on the underground punk scene for nearly a decade

with their heavy, melodic sound. Drawing influence from a menagerie of folk, punk and hardcore bands and praised for their high octane live performances, they're intent on highlighting socio-political issues of the 21st century to a new generation of punks.

“The Roughneck Riot generate a steam-rolling wall of melodic noise that hits you like a right hook. This is contemporary hardcore folk driven by youth and boundless energy. If this lot don’t make you smile then you’re surely deaf or dead!” - R2/Rock’n’Reel Magazine

Brum punk band ALCOHOL LICKS will be heading north with their own brand of 'ALCO-PUNK', which shoves a loada genres together - punk, ska, reggae, dancehall, rock 'n' roll, metal, blues - churns it up, then shits it out the other end... job done! 'Alco-Punk' lyrix deal with the usual punk stuff - politics (anti-racist, anti-homophobic...u know the score) & drinkin . But they also celebrate good people & promote bein' true to yerself & good to others. Basically, the Alco-Punk protocol is: do wot the fuck you like as long as you're not hurtin other people, animals or the environment. Be your own judge - think for yourself & don't let society dictate your thoughts actions....

DEADBEAT - Leeds based punk rock band DeadbeaT will be crossing The Penines for their Yorkie debut.

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2 Parliament Street, LA1 1DB
10 March , Saturday 20:00

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