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The Drones

The Drones started out in the Manchester area in 1974 as a Glam Rock outfit called Rockslide, releasing a lone single ‘Jump Bump Boogaloo’ / ‘Roller Coaster’ in October 1975 which is worth a small fortune now, before reinvented

themselves as a punk rock band the following year.

The Drones then relocated to London and became one of the pioneering punk bands that performed in the first few months of the now-legendary Roxy Club. They supported The Vibrators in January 1977, headlined in February, and supported X-Ray Spex and Chelsea in March. Later that year they supported The Stranglers on a full UK tour, and appeared on two influential early punk compilation albums ‘Streets’ and ‘Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Circus’.

Their debut EP, ‘Temptations Of A White Collar Worker’ (1977), was described by one reviewer as “classic dole-queue punk.” In October 1977, their second single, ‘Just Wanna Be Myself’ / ‘Bone Idol’, was released, and on 6th December they recorded a session at Maida Vale 4 studio for John Peel.
Later that month, they released their debut album on Valer Records, ‘Further Temptations’, produced by Simon Humphrey, and now regarded by many as a punk classic.


The rest of the line -up includes Dead Objectives from Manchester, The Filth, Kickback Generation, No Way, Uproar & Weld.

Uproar from Peterlee, County Durham, were one of the UK/DK bands from 1982 originally releasing a couple of 7"
on Blackpool's Beat The System Records - Rebel Youth and Die For Me and an album entitled And The Lord Said Let There Be Uproar. They recently supported Penetration in Stockton. You can listen to them here: https://www.discogs.com/Uproar-And-The-Lord-Said-Let-There-Be-/master/684881

The Filth were one of Teesside's original punk band led by the mercurial 'Endo' who was featured on the cover of a UK Subs live album 'Crash Course'. They recorded a joint 7" single with the Teesside version of Discharge back in 1979 and it is worth a fortune now. They reconvened in 2010 for a reunion gig for Middlesbrough Rock Garden and have been going ever since. You can listen to them here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YXhqGmdY1E&t=935s

Since 2014 Dead Objectives have punished the ears of the North West with their warped vision of politico-rock/punk. Influenced originally by the early anarcho-rock/punk bands of the 70's and 80's they have blurred the lines of the genre with effected slow tempo breakdowns, heavy tom-orientated drum beats and walls of delay. Since the release of their self titled EP in 2015 Dead Objectives have played over UK the with artists such as Captain Hotknives, ILL, The Cravats, Red Dogs (from Japan), AOA, Cress and Street Dogs.

Recently releasing their latest three singles from their upcoming 2017 album the band are looking at playing festivals across the UK and are planning a tour of Japan (when they can afford the bus fare).


No Way released one of the first 7" singles to emerge from the original Teesside punk scene back in 1978. It was largely sold at gigs and its 500 pressing quickly became one of the most sought after punk records of the era. You can listen to it here: https://www.discogs.com/No-Way-Breaking-Point/release/2239130

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