Philosophy Discussion Group - WK15: Dreaming

Our Philosophy Discussion group is a casual, relaxed pub meet-up taking place (roughly) weekly... this week is the last week of discussion for this term!

We normally meet at the Highbury Vaults (pub).
The event is free (although, as it is a pub, you will want to buy your own drink/drinks), fun, and

requires no prior knowledge. Although, any special insight is always appreciated! :)

You don't have to come every week... although of course it'd be great if you did!
Both non-philosophers and non-students are totally welcome to this event.

To find us: we are normally in the very front room before the main entrance (if it is available) - otherwise if you ask at the bar they should be able to point you to us.

Week Fourteen: We will be covering the topic of "Dreaming"
Focusing primarily on:
-What precisely do we mean by dreaming?
-Are dreams genuine experiences?
-Are dreams necessarily deceptive; in what ways?
-Is dreaming an instance of hallucinating, or imagining?
-Are we living in a dream?
-Do we agree with Cartesian dream scepticism & Zhuangzi's butterfly (open) question?
-How does the 'dreaming-self' relate to the 'real' self?
-Does the content of our dreams, or the actions one takes inside them, have any bearing on morality?
-Do dreams carry any meaning, or value?
-Other thoughts and insights on dreaming...

If you are particularly passionate about a topic or have something you'd like to learn about/discuss, just drop the page a message and I'll see if I can fit it in for you in future weeks.

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164 St Michael's Hill, BS2 8DE
13 February , Tuesday 20:15

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