OxAI talk: Ingmar Posner (Oxbotica)

Prof. Posner is the head of the Applied AI Lab (A2I), serves as the Deputy Director of the Oxford Robotics Institute, and is a cofounder of the ORI spinoff Oxbotica. His work focuses on core challenges in AI and Machine Learning to enable robots to robustly and effectively operate in complex, real-world

environments. His research is guided by his vision to create machines which constantly improve through use in their dedicated workspace. In doing so his work explores a number of intellectual challenges at the heart of robot learning such as machine introspection in perception and decision making, data efficient learning from demonstration, task-based and transfer learning and the learning of complex tasks via a curriculum of less complex ones. All the while his intellectual curiosity remains grounded in real-world robotics domains such as autonomous driving, manipulation or space exploration.

We anticipate that the event will be very popular, so please reserve a ticket.

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, OX1 3LB
15 February , Thursday 17:00

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