Like Sunlight on Freshly Fallen Snow - Vajrasattva Sadhana

Like Sunlight on Freshly Fallen Snow - Vajrasattva Sadhana
led by Vessantara + Punyamala
for Order Members

'The aim and object of the Vajrasattva sadhana is to overcome [the] sense of alienation, and to restore you to a complete realization of your ultimately pure nature.'

The Vajrasattva

sadhana is one of the mula yogas that we practise in Triratna. This means that the view of the world that it embodies, and the effects that the practice has on us, are what we all need as part of the foundations of our Dharma lives. In the course of this week we’ll explore in detail both the view of the world and ourselves that the sadhana wants to communicate to us, and the practical aspects of the visualization and mantra recitation.

The practice is a deep purification: of past karma, of our mind’s unskilful tendencies, and of unhelpful views. It is a particularly powerful antidote to some views of ourselves that are very common in the West – that there is something fundamentally the matter with us, that we’re never good enough, etc. Pursued deeply enough, the sadhana takes us into a timeless dimension in which everything is fresh, and even the subtlest alienation from life has been overcome.

This retreat is open to all Order members, regardless of whether you have practised the Vajrasattva sadhana before.

This retreat is for members of the Triratna Buddhist Order

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Adhisthana, Coddington Ct, HR8 1JL
16 November , Friday 18:00

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