Frontier Apocalypse 2018 advanced booking

What Came Before…
The most powerful weapons in the world were unleashed, and the Earth was reduced to dust and ashes. Ruins of the old world still exist in isolated areas; grim reminders of that which The Event took away.

Some people survived. They used bunkers hastily built in the lead up the War.

There they lived, cramped and squalid.

When they finally emerged into the light they found what little fertile land they could in the wastes, and they clung there together. They built shelters and began, slowly, to reinhabit the surface.

Over two hundred years had passed for the people sheltered in the bunkers. Children were born, grow up, grow old, die; generations move along. As the people began to emerge and reclaim the world above, they found that the ravaged and toxic land was overrun with bizarre, overgrown vegetation and hideous mutant creatures.

They began to spread out, establishing small townships and attempting to rebuild some form of society. As they did this, they discovered that there were others out in the world too. The descendants of survivors that remained outside the bunkers, now reduced to nothing more than primitive tribes as society and technology crumbled around them, and also, inevitably, survivors from other bunkers and shelters…

You are their descendants…
It’s now been forty years since the first of the bunkers opened, and an order of sorts has slowly begun to return. Trade routes have been opened between settlements, and Governments and political structures have started to appear; life has begun to find a way.

This special yearly game takes place all day and will see two groups fight for cash and fame in the apocalypse world of frontier town

fight bandits and mutants and earn cash for your team

Walk on EARLY BIRD £25.00
(own equipment ) limited to 45 spaces (£10 deposit required)

Walk on LATE £30.00
(opens last 2 weeks before game) limited to 15 spaces (payment in full)

Hire Package £40.00
(gun, face mask, ammo included) limited to 10 spaces (full payment required)

booking via our website


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Lower Drayton Rd, ST19 5RE
22 July , Sunday 09:00

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