Forest Odyssey II

As Autumn fell, the Forest grew silent... Something wicked astirred... The crops crumbled, the creatures disappeared... and the people perished. The natives of the Forest were on their knees...
In the time of winter the High Lords of the Grown@Ohm Tribe, journeyed far from the Sihra desert in the east.

They took over the land, stole the riches, and settled there leaving the peasants to fend for themselves and squabble among the scraps, the heroes of SöZE had vanished and it looked not like they'd ever return...

Enough was enough.

As the nights grew darker, hunger and cold shook the people of Mabie Forest, the peasants grew tired and weak; but still strong in the heart as the days slowly grew longer and warmer.
Led by Alex, fearless warrior from the Camp of Colley, the Rebel Frequency took arms to rightfully reclaim the land!

Come forth and pick a side.

Will you fight for the rights of the many or be corrupted by the riches of the few..? Come choose, the time is now!

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29 June , Friday 12:00

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