DevTek 2018

The South West rave scene invades the city yet again!

Free party crews from the part of the country that voted for Brexit by scratching ‘GET OFF MY LAND!!!’ in chicken blood across the ballot paper are headed to Bristol for the self-congratulatory circle-jerk of sound known as Devtek. Much like that

porn film your Nan starred in, we ram as much pounding hardware into a tight space as possible, causing screams of both pleasure and genuine pain as we invite those who have disturbed the piece in rural areas to disturb the foundations of the black swan. Mud splats, dreadlocks and slurry covered vinyl to be expected as standard at this year’s celebration of the UK’s failing agriculture industry.
Support the crews that have been entertaining you for free for years (some of them over 10) while also having no doubt a rather spiffing time.




The crew that insists they are multi-genre, but known only for ruining the scene with the sort of bassline people get stabbed to in Sheffield, Digga will be in attendance with their district vibe similar to that of an amputated limb infected with gangrene left in a ditch. They are 9 years old this winter and still very much ‘not legal’.


Inducted into the grandfather club earlier in 2017 as they reached 10 years bothering local farmers (and we're not talking about noise complaints). Dreadlocks, polos, shite vans and sunglasses are their primary themes. Mandatory yearly trips to Eastern Europe to stock up on military grade speed left over from the cold war in order to not collapse for the rest of the year. Further proof that Europe needs our crusty tekno just as much as we need their high grade amphetamines. Someone get the wheelchairs in...


Are these guys still alive? You sure? When did you last go to one of their raves? If you remember when breakbeat was cool then you are now officially one of the old creepy people you used to see at raves and wonder if they were here for the music or got lost from their group of ramblers.
Still mixing using a pair of gramophones (keeping it real), and rolling up to the nursery to pick up their kids like true gangstas, while repeating the ‘we’re still cool, we’re still cool’ mantra in their heads.

UNIT 8 –

Unit Late should be finished setting up for this event sometime in February. We have told them that the event is in November in the hope they might just get to Devtek on time. Unit 8 are a crew who very much embody what the rave scene is about; the coming together, the positive vibes, the hard work needed to spend limitless amounts of money keeping a dead dream alive and of course, the inevitable life of struggle and failure.


What can we say about Rigurgitate? No really, what can we say? Even their name makes me physically sick. A rave crew that have achieved a status where people know that they exist without anyone actually being able to name anything that they have done. Well for the uninitiated, they have done raves, club nights, hire outs and even went to frenchtek. So now you know. And now you can go back to forgetting that you know, just like their parents.


We may have received some thought provoking feminist poetry after last year’s write-up but no one complained that we made sexual comments about Gridlock’s Moley. Just goes to show, everyone is turned on by moles. After all, Devon is the home of Mole Valley farmers, a place where you can buy both high grade farming equipment and low grade woodland creature pornography. Gridlock are back to Devtek again this year after tirelessly keeping their equipment in a garage since last year’s event. it’s not how well you rave that gets you into Devtek but about how sexy your mole is.


OMRC head honcho JC has packed his bags and moved from the economic wasteland of post-civil war Torrington and began his new life in the city, where he was told the streets were paved with gold. Of course the gold turned out to be ketamine and the streets turned out to be bleak as fuck but still, it’s always good to see a white middle class male make it into the ghetto. He knows his shit when it comes to sound quality even if he does sometimes mix drum and bass.


Doing the sound for the kiddies corridor this year we have Mana Sounds (Formally Sammy Sounds). I know, I hadn’t heard of them either, but that’s what this room is about. To stave off allegations that we here at Devtek deploy favouritist tactics by relentlessly using soundsystems we are friends with rather than giving people entry on merit, the corridor (or ‘who gives a fuck room’) lets the up and coming rigs have a chance to show the established soundsystems what the kids are listening to these days.



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438 Stapleton Road, Eastville, BS5 6NR
26 January , Friday 22:00

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