DeeCon 2018 'Flyers' Cosplay Dance Music Video

'Everybody, put your hands up'

Time to dance along to one of the catchiest's anime openings ever for another one of my annual Dee-Con Dance CMVs, with the song 'Flyers' by BRADIO

As with previous years, people and cosplayers attending Dee-Con are invited and more than welcome to take part in this

video, either dancing along to the music or striking an awesome pose in your cosplay

Still got just another month and a half until the event, so that leaves plenty of time to get some plans set up in due time. Those of you who have taken part in these videos before know what to expect tho.

Again, this year song choice will be 'Flyers' from Death Parade by BRADIO but as a backup choice, I've got a Cover Version on standby, just in case

Updates will be as constant as possible but I hope to answer any questions or concerns that any of you have.
Hope to see you all at Dee-Con ^_^

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Nethergate, DD1 4HN
07 April , Saturday 22:30

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