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Global Beats Presents Culture Clash

Culture Clash is a series of shows celebrating sound system culture to be held throughout the UK starting in Decemeber.
Each show will feature an impressive line-up of UK sound-systems led by the legendary Sir Coxsone, who recently marked his 50th anniversary as one

of the world's leading reggae soundmen.

Interest in reggae sound systems is currently at an all-time high, and there's a younger generation of reggae lovers from across the world building their own amps and speakers, cutting dub plates and starting record labels in greater numbers than ever before. The MCs and "live" mixes that were synonymous with reggae sound-systems of the past have returned, and there's now a wealth of festivals, films, exhibitions, books, online communities and academic studies representing all aspects of sound system culture.

It's had a massive influence on genres such as hip-hop, drum & bass, UK dub and grime, and also left an indelible stamp on fashion, language and a range of other lifestyle choices.

The sound of young Jamaica first came to the UK after WW2. Early sound systems helped provide a sense of belonging and purpose, as well as a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, technicians, carpenters and performers.
"We had the best set of sound-systems here and the most reggae music, even more than in Jamaica," says Lloyd Coxsone. "We are the ones who establish it and then expose it worldwide. And we bring a spirit to other people because sound-system is a joyful thing really. We want to see people smiling and looking happy, y 'know?"

He and other well-established sounds like Channel One are keepers of the flame. There's history and cultural resonance in every note they play, and years of unwritten tradition in their approach. They've learnt their craft the hard way, and bring all of that knowledge to bear when stood behind the decks entertaining a crowd.

These Culture Clash events are intended to convey the thrills and experience of witnessing authentic UK reggae sound-system culture first-hand, in venues across the UK both small and large and to unite all the soundmen on one tour which will spread their message of unity and belonging.

Owning and maintaining a sound system is a major commitment in terms of money, time and effort. Sir Coxsone's sound-system is custom-built throughout, and uses state-of-the-art components. It's capable of 32,000 kilowatts and can be used in venues of all sizes.

"Sound system require amplifier, bass box scoop and the great speaker, tops them come out of the tweeter. Mind how yuh a treat them and it'll sound sweeter. We have we selector and we operator. We have we MCs and a dozen singers. Fi line up the show you need a good promoter. Me load up the sound and travel north with it. A big sound system up in a we place, bubbling in the place..."

In the main room:


Cecil Rennie AKA King Tubby’s was born in the parish of St Thomas, Jamaica. He came to England as a teenager in 1965. His love of music wasn’t left behind in Jamaica; it developed in England to become a life long passion. Cecil started his quest to be a leading soundman by serving his apprenticeship as a dedicated follower/selector of Duke Reid Sound System, This association lasted until 1969. In March 1970 King Tubby’s hi-fi was born making Cecil at the age of 19, one of the youngest sound system owners in the UK.In 1973 introducing dub plate specials on sound systems, King Tubby’s led the way. The Sound’s reputation grew and from playing locally in the Brixton area, soon there was not a venue in the UK King Tubby’s had not played at. King Tubby’s caught the imagination of reggae music lovers everywhere and the dances were always packed.King Tubby’s Sound System has been hailed as one of the if not the most consistent sounds over the last four decades. The consistency and success is down to how the sound is run. Everybody in the sound is considered equal and everybody’s role is important. The years of hard grafting in London, England and Europe have paid off as Cecil, aka King Tubby's took home the crown of No.1 London sound system in 2003. King Tubby's has won many titles along the way but feels that this crown is very important as nobody nowadays seems to differentiate between a DJ (carrying a box of records) to a sound system and all what that entails. At the end of the day King Tubby’s Sound System is there to entertain their supporters and this can only be done if there is harmony amongst the crew in the camp. As the sound is now looking forward to celebrating its 47th anniversary the formula must be a winning one.


Since forming in 2007, Reggae Roast have forged a reputation as the leading light in the resurgence of the UK Reggae / Dancehall scene. Combining the label, events and sound system they are spreading the conscious message in the music far and wide, whilst forging a reputation as one the driving forces in the new wave of British Reggae.
Having put on 100’s of sell out shows, Reggae Roast have hosted some of the biggest and most respected artists from the UK to JA and beyond, all performing alongside the Reggae Roast Sound. Artists to have graced the Reggae Roast stage include The Wailers, Lee Scratch Perry, Sly and Robbie, Collie Budz, Mad Professor, David Rodigan, Suggs (Madness), Channel One, Trojan Sound, Gappy Ranks, Finley Quaye, Aba Shanti I, Mungo’s Hi Fi and many many more.
Following on from their guest show broadcast on Kiss FM with David Rodigan, the Reggae Roast team have been in high demand performing at countless shows across Europe and the UK. With their uplifting sets, playing everything from foundation roots to uptempo dancehall, their shows always feature a guest MC such as Brother Culture, Kenny Knots, Charlie P or Donovan Kingjay. With their heavyweight soundsystem they have been honoured to host large stages at prestigious events such as Glastonbury Festival, Outlook Festival, Bestival and Secret Garden Party, playing to 1000’s of people at a time.


The legendary UK soundman / record producer began his career in the sixties, soon after arriving from Jamaica. He was one of the first soundmen to play at West End clubs like Tiles and the Roaring Twenties, where a generation of British pop stars like the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Elton John first heard the music of Jamaica. Coxsone then dominated the seventies, when Bob Marley and Dennis Brown were among his closest allies, as heard on unforgettable dub-plates from that era. Lloyd is an elder statesman with more than fifty years' history behind him, but he knows there's still a place in the music for those who are young at heart and willing to embrace change.


In the bar:

Unity HiFi
Ted @ The Controls
General Legsta

Concorde 2
Madeira Shelter Hall
Madeira Drive
East Sussex

+ Accessibility Information
Accessible Seating:Please contact the venue for more information - 01273 673311

+ Age Restrictions:
This event is Over 14s only, under 16s must be accompanied by an adult (I.D Required)

The venue is on the seafront.

+ From London/North of Brighton.

Follow signs to the seafront & town centre from A23. Drive until you see Brighton Pier infront of you. Go straight on at the roundabout, along the seafront. We're 2 minutes drive down here (Madeira Drive) on the left hand side.

+ From The East. Once you've driven past the Marina, look out for Dukes Mound as a left hand turning. Take this turning down to the sea & we're on the right hand side.

+ From The West. Drive along Brighton seafront (Kings Road) to Brighton Pier. Turn right along Madeira Drive - Concorde 2 is 2 mins drive on the left hand side.

+ Parking:
Free Parking available outside the venue after 6pm

+ Public Transport:

+ Nearest rail: Brighton.

(You can catch no7 bus from outside station to Madeira Drive, jump out near the brighton hospital).

From the station either take a cab, or walk (15-20mins walk) .... walk straight out of the station towards the sea, along Queens Road. Turn left along the seafront & follow the promenade until you reach Concorde 2. You'll pass Brighton Pier & will need to walk another 5 minutes or so along Madeira Drive.

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Concorde 2 , Madeira Drive, BN2 1EN
20 January , Saturday 23:00

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