Buccaneers of the Damned pt 10 - 'Discordia'

FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents...
Buccaneers of the Damned Pt10 ‘Discordia’'
May 11-13 2018
£65 pre-book or £85 on the gate, please read booking details below.
Capped at 70 players and 30 crew.

FilmSim events and Eye LARP proudly presents...
Buccaneers of the Damned Pt9 'Discordia'

6-8 2017
£65 pre-book or £85 on the gate, please read booking details below.
Capped at 70 players and 30 crew.

November 10th 1720
“The best laid plans of mice and men do often gang awry”.

Pan and her agents have yet again infiltrated the townsfolk of Logan’s Bay, one could argue that as the ships crews become even more insular, Pan becomes stronger - as infighting and betrayal is rife within the camp, the shadows creep ever closer.
The Heron, a name associated with the unending shuffle of death, offers another handful of souls to test their fate upon the archipelago. What do these new arrivals know of the outside world? And is their arrival another ill-fated omen of darker powers at work?

‘Eris’, a name that garners a variety of opinions among those in Logan’s Bay, weaves a net of Discordia around the land, as allies and friends turn to bloodshed and betrayal, her net draws tighter. As the party splits, fragmentation creates weakness, which may indeed spell the downfall of these intrepid explorers.
While Pan’s evil machinations have not gone entirely as intended. She has seemingly enticed more souls into her dastardly game, there is no denying the portal has been tampered with. While even the least magically attuned can sense the Gypsies' magical wards around Logan’s Bay, flicker out of existence. Those remaining in Logan’s Bay, can practically taste decay on the air, Pan’s interference is rife, and they must helplessly defend the newly crowned ‘free port’ of Logan’s Bay. But will the attacking Hispano-Dutch alliance be the only forces attacking these lands?

This game will be unavoidably different, in that we will essentially be running two separate games for the first half. Although we don’t really view this as a problem, it will have a slight knock-on effect, coupled with a new writing team taking over. Rest assured, we are redirecting the game based on your suggestions, we hope to make some major improvements and with your patience and your help, we will hopefully run a fantastic, communal game, ticking as many boxes as possible.
We are still running this game in association with Josh and his fantastic people-skills, enthusiasm, charisma and general loveable dedication, we are in no way “taking over” – just helping ‘steer the ship’.

Plot-wise, it will all be streamlined during this handing-over period, so people have a much better idea of what is going on. We are also looking at other ways of introducing new players with potential plot-hooks, rumours and things to encourage roleplay. We will be bringing back an NPC clerk in the town-office, to manage jobs for new players and generally direct the ‘running’ of the town, to alleviate the stress of a player-governor. That is no slight towards the current incumbent at all, but those who are paying to play, shouldn’t have to endure so much OC aggro.

For this game. We are asking players to help us somewhat on crewing, it won’t be for more than 2-3 hours. But due to the nature of effectively running 2 separate games, we need to double up. It is probably in your best interest, as it will help you understand a lot more of the plot, and it should make for a real fun experience. We are intending to reunite the player base by midday, but don’t rely on it!

A note on theme:
We want to strike a happy balance between the emotional, high risk plot atmosphere, but inject a bit of life and joy. Tensions got a bit fraught at times last event, and although we want some darker elements, we would much prefer these to be external forces. Even if Eris IS infiltrating your minds and creating disparity within the groups, we would much prefer you all sitting back to back and being terrified of the dangers that lurk in the darkness, rather than dangers around your own camp-fires.

All we ask is that your bear with us and give us your honest feedback through our new feedback process. We are also working on CHARACTER SUBMISSIONS, so hopefully your backstories will influence a larger portion of plot!

There will also be much more resource-management going forwards, Logan’s Bay has effectively been cut off from local supplies – therefore gunpowder, food and water will be limited, and once the group supplies run out, they are gone. (For safety you can eat/drink “OC” but if the resources aren’t maintained it will cause IC repercussions)

These resources can be resupplied on the SATURDAY, through various encounters/hunting/gathering, but the reunited players must weigh up the balance between defending the town against these supply runs.

We will be doing IC brief’s (with OC explanation) for the two different groups, closer to the event. This is to encourage the emotion and atmosphere to feel more current and relevant.

WELCOME to Buccaneers of the Damned.
Hi all and welcome to the next instalment of our fun, romp around the woods in costume. As with all things Eye Larp, this is a very organic game and so much of the shenanigans is generated by players and the crew alike. Hence, we only concentrate on the main story. You truly get out what you put in and all we ask in return is you play in the spirit of the game, react to everything and expect nothing in return. There are boundaries to stick to and simple guidelines to make sure you and everyone around you has fun.

As we have so many guys looking to ‘settle’ in game we will be announcing the economy rules. These are our standard economy rules and are guidelines for people to work within. It will allow people to charge for their IC skills and trade with IC commerce.

NEW PLAYERS to Buccaneers of the Damned.
All new players have been wrecked on a ship called ‘The Heron’, whether it was the same boat, or another called ‘The Heron’. You have all come from the real world and would never have witnessed the horrors of these worlds. Try and come up with simple backgrounds, where you come from and where you are going on ‘The Heron’.

‘The Wreck’
When joining the game, you may have been on the islands for a few weeks or just arrived, either way, please start the game with very little kit, if anything, and let your background naturally reveal as you go along.
All new players will be ‘brought’ into the game Friday night after a short journey through the woods. You may be accompanied by friends already in the game or by crew. Just be ready for an amazing adventure and let your story become part of what ever grabs you.

The date of the wrecks must all be around 1710-1730 and your stories must be based from the real world.

And please fill in the Character Documents, linked to the event page!

Crewing is free guys and you will get a bacon buttie in the morning to set you up, but after that, you will be on the go all day, so please make sure you have easy to go food. A crew event will be set up in the FB Eye crew group, so please join it.
Crew have as much investment in the game as the players and refs and come up with ideas and help change or develop the story. We’re all in it together.

IC (In Character) features.
This event also has a fully IC bar and IC Green Grocer (if a player wants to do it) so you can buy all your food and booze with IC money (obviously, bring your own too and don’t take the piss)

There will be room for IC (in Character) and OC (Out of Character) camping so don’t worry if you don’t have period tents.

Event details
Feel free to arrive anytime on the Friday after 12pm to set up your camps and the key to the main gate will be hanging on the stop sign if your arriving late. There will be an area for both In Character (IC) camping and out of character (OC) camping.

In game times.
Time in is at 9.00pm on the Friday and will time-out no later than 2.00am Saturday morning.
Time in will continue at 10am Saturday morning and time out again at 2.00pm Sunday morning.
Time in Sunday at 10am and we will finish no later than 1.00pm Sunday.

Facilities on site
There is a tap for cooking and washing water at the front entrance of the site behind an old weighbridge. You will need to bring enough drinking water with you for the event.

We use porta loos onsite and they are for SITTING only. Anyone caught standing and peeing all over the loo seats will be handed cleaning stuff!!!!!!

To secure your place a £25 part payment deposit is required, the balance paid in cash at the event up to the balance of a full ticket price. £65.
Go to www.eyerlarp.com to book a ticket.

On the gate ticket price will be the full ticket price + £20 hopefully this will give guys an incentive to pay up early.

Prices for events will always differ depending on location and the type of event so make sure you have read the booking information before sending any money.

All tickets and part payment deposits paid are NON-REFUNDABLE but you can sell the tickets on to recuperate your money. Full details of the new ticket owner must be sent to sales@filmsim.co.uk along with the name of the event and any other important booking information.

All pre-booking and payments should be made through PayPal sales@filmsim.co.uk or Bank Transfer and please make clear which event you are booking onto, the name of those being booked on and the side/team/faction you are joining.

Bank Details
Filmsim Ltd

As with all bookings, please make sure you email us sales@filmsim.co.uk with any reference number you have for the transaction and other event details.

A single day option may also be available on a number of our events and it will be made clear in the booking information what the price is. It will be a fixed price but will still need full payment before the deadline; otherwise the full ticket price will need to be paid.

To trade at any of our events please contact us on sales@filmsim.co.uk with a brief description of the items you are selling. If there is room and no trade clashes we will reply with a booking reference number to be added to your booking payment. After which traders will be asked to pay the full tickets price to book their pitch. Follow the booking process and make sure you add your booking reference on the payment.

BAR. We may have a fully operation bar on site, please always support the bar.

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The Welsh Drive, Fleet Road (A327), RG27 0PY
11 May , Friday 21:00

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